Lazing around at home having a pity party for one

I still have tales to tell on my blog, never fear... but I've been home for a month now with absolutely NO definite plans.  Well no flights or accommodation booked - can you believe it?  I sure can't.  However things will be changing in my life in a BIG way soon...I am just waiting for a couple of things to come together.  The anal control freak (me) actually has to plan her life around other peoples plans...eek!  (and they are not even coming with me)  It's a good lesson of "just being" as my meditation teacher would say. 

So I've been out with friends, attending weddings and when not working my two day a week job I have been sitting enjoying a coffee on my balcony most mornings and reading lots.  Lots and lots. Every chance I get.  Or else binge watching stuff on Netflix. There's other more productive things I could be doing but know....

Some days I don't venture far from here...(yes, it's a book about travel.....if I can't do it I can read about it!)

I messed up a disc in my back (likely picking up a box the wrong way - I kind of felt "something" go click..).  I went for a massage on my lower back which was giving me grief and the next morning I could barely get out of bed due to the pain radiating into my left leg.  And here it stays.  I am taking physio therapy and the therapist assure me I should be good to go by next month however as I hobble around and wince with pain I am not entirely convinced.  As you might have guessed I am not a patient person. 

I still have more to share about Banff, Vancouver and my trip to Hartford - oh and my afternoon in Chicago...oh and then there was that summer day trip in southern Saskatchewan.  I usually try to do my blog posts as a diary but did not take my computer with me on these short weekend trips so lots of catching up to do. 

Guess it's back to reading "Mortality for Beautiful Girls" (I just discovered the "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" series and I can't get enough - and of course I have to read them in order..)  or maybe watching another episode of "Orange is the New Black".  Hmmm.....