Destination of the week - Iqaluit, Nunavut!!

I have been very fortunate to have visited every province and territory in my home country, Canada.  Well it's more than good fortune - it's determination.  I made it happen.  Priorities folks, priorities. June of 08 I flew into Ottawa for a brief visit as I hadn't been there in 13 years....however it was an excuse to use a short haul Aeroplan airmiles flight from Ottawa to visit the remote capital of Iqaluit, Nunavut which is Canada's newest territory. (once the eastern part of the North West Territories) I could never have afforded to pay the airfare otherwise.  Nunavut became a separate territory on April 1st, 1999.  Frobisher Bay was renamed Iqaluit. 

I stayed in a bed and breakfast on the shores of Frobisher Bay which was still frozen over in most places.  The local kids' favourite pastime was jumping from one piece of ice to the other.  I preferred not to watch that. 

I did the 10km walk which I was newly in charge of having just accepted the job of Director of Prairies/North of the Canadian Volkssport Federation. 

Anyway here are some of the highlights of my stay:

Iqaluit taken from a jetty out on the lake.  My B & B was the navy blue house.


I loved the sculptures everywhere!

Frobisher Bay

Gas station - lots of ATV's everywhere!!!

Don't you love the signs for the toilet?

Sculpture in Territorial Capital Building

Love her coat.

Small Inukshuks

Yep, it doesn't go can only fly in and ships come in during the short summer season.

Typical road on the tundra

The proud pappa was happy to pose for me.

Cemetery in Iqaluit - I can't imagine the burials are too deep with the permafrost.

Well you knew there had to be a dog somewhere!!!

Typical home...they are all on "stilts" due to the permafrost.

I wandered over to this park...I had a lovely day for this.

Scenes from Sylvia Grinnell park

It was a bit overwhelming to be in a place of such stark beauty and so wild. 

View from the shoreline

Arctic Char, Caribou medallions complete with a glass of wine and dessert - the most expensive meal I've ever had - but worth it!

I loveyou  Canadian North - you get a full meal with alcohol - love the Frobisher coffee!  I hope our paths cross again (but only if I use airmiles!!!) 

The Iqaluit airport - known locally as The Yellow Submarine!