Monday, October 22, 2012

When things don't quite work out as planned...

As indicated in my previous post I had high hopes for today....well here I sit just after 2 p.m.....

After Casper's walk I headed off to the bus stop and had just changed busses on Harlem for the trip south when it hit me "did I turn off the coffee maker".  Come on, we've all had that.  Except when you are living in someone else's house it becomes a bit more of a concern. (even if there is a fire hall across the street...)  So back and came and you can guess it...the coffee maker was off.   However I could not recall turning it off at all.  Sigh...

Anyway back I went - busses all came on time but as the bus headed south the sky darkened and just as I walked into the Oak Park Visitor Centre the whole place shook with thunder.  Hmm...anyway I signed in and got a map and a visitor guide decided to start out.  Needless to say I did not get far before the rain pelted down.  Now I don't mind walking in showers - in fact sometimes it can be quite pleasant - but not a downpour and certainly not with thunder and lightening.  The fact that I probably could have done most of the walk if I hadn't had that "did I turn it off" moment didn't escape me. 

Then I debated should I go for lunch or should I go to Trader Joe's which I had seen as I got off the bus.  Well Trader Joe's it was and I picked up a few things and with what Terry had here I can tell you my belly is full of lobster bisque (yum) and a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich.  That is what I was craving. 

Of course the rain stoppd on the way home however it is still dull and miserable out there.  My foot is bothering me so maybe it is a day to rest...AGAIN.  Today is laundry day and it's a good day to read, sip tea and watch movies.  Chicago is still there waiting for me and will be there for the next six days. 

I will definitely go back to Oak Park to do the walk - however I will do the 5 km walk as it covers the main areas of interest and I don't want to "overwork" my foot.  What I saw I loved - what a beautiful area. 

At the moment I am thinking of heading to the History Museum tomorrow as more showers are predicted.  I am so glad I had my beautiful walk by the lake yesterday. 

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