Sunday, January 8, 2012

Market day

Well I am in the internet cafe for the first time - one that I've used lots in the past. So far I've crashed one computer so we will see how this goes.
This morning I headed over to Brick Lane and Spitalfields markets which are in the east end of London. I got there a few minutes before the Backgarden market opened so I walked along Brick Lane and got a bagel and cream cheese from the Beigel Bake. It is just one of those things I do - they aren't to die for bagels or anything - they are good but.... so have decided that is my last one. It wasn't busy at that time- later when I wandered by the line was out the door. I then went over to the market and got a gift for the lady who is watching my apartment and got myself a funky mouse necklace. Sadly the fellow who did the coasters I loved so much has left the market - the fellow who told me that was selling coasters as well so I bought a couple of his. These were cute but the typical ones with cork on the back - I loved the glass ones but oh well. I need more coasters like a hole in the head but oh well what can I say they are my "thing". I went through the food area of one market and noticed they had momos....oh dear. I wasn't hungry so carried on walking around and over to Spitalfields market - but resisted tempation. I really haven't bought much on this trip at all - I am impressed with myself. I think it's the thought of dragging it all home again that is stopping me!
Anyway I walked over to the Spitalfields City Farm but it was closed so said hello to the adorable donkeys through the fence. Lots of artistic graffiti on walls and doors so my camera was busy. It's a very unique area and I would really recommend any visitor to London to visit Brick Lane on a Sunday. I'd say go in the early afternoon - more crowded but also more vendors.
By then I was ready for some momo's - I asked for one of each - there were deep fried and steamed with veggies, chicken, pork and lamb. I got to pick my sauces as well and enjoyed them so much but I had to leave some as was just too full. I went back to tell the couple how much I enjoyed them and we had a short chat - they are from Tibet and have lived in London for nearly ten years. They were interested to hear where I was from in Canada - a lovely couple. As any Tibetans I have met are.
I then hopped on a bus bound for Hackney Wick just to see where it went - well ended up by what they call here a flyover (freeway overpass) I don't think that's what they meant by a wick but still have to find that out. The Olympic stuff was just over the flyover but couldn't see it and absolutely no interest anyway. I crossed the street and hopped a bus heading back and got off at Somerset House to photograph the skaters. They have an ice skating rink there until late January - as do the Tower of London and Natural History Musuem to name a couple but theirs close today. I walked over Waterloo bridge and photographed the Thames then onto the South Bank. All sorts of buskers and people dressed as statues. A fellow had his head through a box and was barking and meowing - it was stupid but struck me as hilarious. Must have been the mood I was in. I had to videotape him. Reminded me of the fellow who was pretending to be a dog a few years ago and had his head sticking out of a kennel - I video taped him too. Then I walked across the pedestrian bridge to Charring Cross station and then over into Covent Garden. Looked in a few shops - you name it they've got it. I went into M & S and got another pkg of knickers to stash away. I once again walked around the food hall and drooled over the brussel sprouts - I am sick I know...
I briefly thought about doing a walking tour of Soho but to be honest after walking all day the last thing I want to do is go on a two hour walking tour - plus while it was fairly mild today it really gets cold at night. So I will hang out here for a bit then head back to my room and organize things. Somehow I have misplaced the mouse for my netbook - only I can misplace something in a tiny room like's a gift what can I say....
And on the bright side my feet were much better's hoping they hang in there for tomorrow....

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